The local lawn experts of J&S have created a six step program using the highest quality chemicals to maximize the health of the lawn. Here is a little more in depth look at what the customer can expect:

Step 1 “Early Spring

  • A balanced granular slow release low nitrogen fertilizer with pre-emergent crabgrass control and a liquid broadleaf weed control.  

Step 2 “Late Spring

  • A balanced slow release fertilizer with a second pre-emergent/post emergent (Dimension) granular and a liquid broadleaf weed control.  

Step 3 “Early Summer

  • Low nitrogen slow release non-burning granular fertilizer with spot targeted weed control for new weeds as needed.  

Step 4 “Late Summer” 

  • Balanced organic based fertilizer to promote healthy root development.  Targeted weed control applied as needed.

Step 5 “Fall

  • Heavier nitrogen rated balanced organic based fertilizer to help the plant wake up from summer dormancy and to promote growth and develop an extensive strong root system

Step 6 “Winterizer” 

  • One of the most underrated applications: A winter fertilizer will be applied to help promote a overall stronger, more disease resistant turf and help the turf transition with a quick green up when it comes out of dormancy next spring!

Other optional services which are provided:

Preventative Grub Control Application:

Applied during round 3 along with the fertilizer in a chemical called Allectus, which contains both the active ingredients Imidacloprid (grub control) and bifenthrin (insect control).   By purchasing grub, the customer will receive TWO free summer insect applications which will be applied with applications 3 and 4 during the summer months which targets 100s of insects including fleas, ticks, and surface damage causing insects such as sod webworm larvae, chinch bug, etc. providing a whole summer of protection from damage.  You wouldn’t own a home without home owners insurance, so why put your lawn at risk too. Grub control is the home owners insurance for the lawn.  Protect your investment and let the experts at J&S make you feel safe knowing your lawn will be safe from damage.  And better yet, through purchasing grub, we make it even better by giving you two free insect control applications for over the top protection!

Core Aeration, Aeration/Overseeding:

One of the most important things to the health of the lawn is core aeration and overseeding.   Often done in fall especially if being done with seeding, aeration  oxidizes the soil by reducing compaction when pulling the plugs which allows the roots of the grass to receive nutrients (air, water, etc) much deeper creating a healthier, more vigorous lawn!  Not every lawn needs over-seeding yearly, but it is highly recommended getting the lawn over-seeded every few years to introduce new growth and better seed variety and quality.  With advances in seed technology, newer grasses are built strong, more resistant to stress, damage, etc.  than grasses of even a decade ago.  We use high quality blends which contain mostly Turf Type Tall Fescues, with smaller portions Kentucky Bluegrass and Perennial Rye, which is an ideal cool season grass for local Lehigh Valley properties.  

Fall Lime Application

Fall lime is put down along side round 5 and put down at a maintenance rate to help the lawn stay healthy.  Lime is used to alter the soils pH level and offset soil acidity.  By doing so you can improve the nutrient intake of the grass plants roots!  By putting down at a maintenance rate, it is beneficial for the lawn and will not result in any adverse affects.  If you believe you lawn pH is not where it should be, please contact the local lawn experts about getting a soil test done on the lawn!

Liquid Aeration (COMING SOON)


Post-Emergent Sprays (crabgrass, stiltgrass, nimblewill, yellow nutsedge, etc)
Post-Emergent Granular (insect control, curative grub)

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